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iSOS Application

How It Works

iSOS provides Consumers with a Bespoke Emergency Mobile Response Service 


With one of our global partners, or Try it out Now for FREE. (Limited use.)


Your custom Settings. (Through this site or your local subscription partner.)


By downloading the iSOS Application for your Android device. Enjoy peace of mind and Enhanced Emergency Care.

Our Service

Not all emergencies are the same, and certainly not all people are the same.  You can decide how you would want to contact Emergency Respondents in an emergency with a customised message.

iSOS Emergency Mobile Application

With our iSOS Emergency Mobile Application for Android, you are totally in control of your Emergency Situation Management after personalising your Emergency Mobile Response Service through the settings form below.
Our iSOS Emergency Mobile Application allows you to configure bespoke response options for up to 9 specific Emergencies. You may specify the number to be dialled when you press a specific button in the Application, as well as the mobile number of an emergency responder and custom message.
Upon pressing the appropriate button, our iSOS Emergency Mobile Application will place a call to the preconfigured number, as well as send a custom message to your chosen responder, containing your emergency type and location co-ordinates.

iSOS Application


Your first step is to complete this configuration form. Then you can download the iSOS Mobile Application below.

iSOS Application

Download APP

For further assistance, please see our Mobile Installation Guide below.

* Screens will differ on different makes and models of phones.
* Please always reference your phone manual for correct procedures.
* Your mobile phone needs to support data access at the time of your emergency.
* Location services needs to be enabled on your handset.
* You need to authorise our application to access your current location.
* Free usage will be limited to 5 messages per annum.